Certification & Calibration


Our new Mobile Calibration System (MCS7500) has been developed to allow users to check torque accuracy, run calibration tests and create calibration certificates prior to the use of continuous rotation torque tools in various applications while on a job site. The MCS7500 is principally designed for use with pneumatic (PTW) and electric (ETW) torque multipliers and can be used to set air pressures for the PTW and establish compensation values for the ETW therefore eliminating the issue of variances in local air/electrical supply. A heavy-duty, adjustable reaction block facilitates use with all Enerpac PTW and ETW tools, and most competitive tools. A secondary reaction post enables use with those tools that won't fit the standard reaction block. The compact and lightweight construction is equally at home in the workshop, in the field or bolted down in a maintenance van, capable of accurately measuring torque from 148 to 7375 Ft.lbs.

Simply mount the wrench to be calibrated onto the MCS7500, position the reaction arm into the reaction block, and actuate the wrench. A digital display indicates the torque output.

A procedure to calibrate the wrench using 5 measurements for 5 torque values results in a calibration certificate.


  • Accurately measures torque output for continuous rotation tools from 148 to 7375 Ft.lbs (200 – 10,000Nm)

  • Adaptable design enables use with a large variety of Enerpac and competitive wrenches

  • Internal Lithium-ion battery pack, external power via 5V DC USB power supply

  • Standard USB cable for communication with windows based PC's

  • Peak and Track modes

Ease of Use

  • Compact design facilitates easy transport, allowing calibration to be carried out in the shop, on jobsites, or even in a vehicle

  • Integrated digital interface enables torque values to be displayed, saved, printed or transferred to a computer utilizing Excel software.