Valve Change-Out Sets

Using the same technology as the SG Secure-Grip flange spreaders, the VC Valve Change-Out tools have been developed for the removal of valves, spades/spacers or gaskets from large flange joints.

Valve Change-Out Tools

  • For use on all flange types with bolt-hole sizes ranging from 1.50 in (38.1 mm) to 4.25 in (108.0 mm)

  • Adjustable to enable the tool to operate in a range of applications

  • Spreading force of up to 22.4 tons (200 kN) when used in pairs as recommended.

  • Infinitely reconfigurable – by utilizing the supplied extensions and adjusting the length of the tension rod, the tools can be reconfigured to suit a huge range of flange joint thicknesses, from 0 to 27.2 in (690 mm).

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